Testimonials - A Klinik




Went to the clinic first thing in the morning and got a very quick and professional consultation about a bad rash that I was having. Dr walked me through how long it would take to cure what I had, told me what I should avoid and gave me some meds to help clear it up. Will definitely come back again.


Maisie Han


Skin Problems

Went to A Klinik for the first time due to my eczema problem. They gave me some meds and products to use, for one week i can see the good results. Second time I went there because of my acne problems, they prescribed me medicine and their own medical grade skincare products to use. And yes, it helps a lot. Definitely recommended. The staffs and the doctors are friendly too




Skin Allergy

Had a skin allergy and decided to try this clinic since the review is good. It is indeed as per the review, having a doctor that explains to you in detail and how to treat it. Answered all of my concerns as well. Been to a few clinics before but not that satisfied as this one. Adding this to one of my fav clinic now.


wdynx (wadinaa)


Acne problem

My acne couldn’t go away after going to facial and trying out a lot of skincare products. A friend of mine recommended me to visit A klinik, after seeing Dr, I decided to do some treatments and took medications prescribed, now my skin is showing a great improvement after 1 month and I’m soooo happy about it. On top of that, Dr is really helpful, patient and most importantly is that he gives clear explanation.


Tait Kheng



My skin showed much improvement after going in for just 1 package service. You can really see the difference it does on your skin and it makes me feel so confident about myself!


Jackie Lee