Transform Acne Scars with Facial Treatment at A Klinik

Can facial treatment help with acne scar? A Klinik

Can facial treatment help with acne scar? A Klinik

Acne scars can be a distressing aftermath of a battle with persistent acne. For many individuals, these scars can leave a lasting impact on their self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, advancements in skin care and dermatology have paved the way for various facial treatments that claim to improve the appearance of acne scars. In this blog, we will explore the different types of facial treatment available and whether they can truly help with acne scars.

Understanding Acne Scars

Before delving into the effectiveness of facial treatments, it’s essential to understand the different types of acne scars. Acne scars come in various forms, each with its own distinct characteristics. Understanding the different types of acne scars can help individuals and skincare professionals determine the most appropriate treatment approach. 

  • Ice-pick scars
  • Rolling scars 
  • Boxcar scars 
  • Atrophic scars

Can Facial Treatment Help with Acne Scars?

The effectiveness of facial treatments for acne scars varies depending on the type and severity of the scars, as well as individual factors like skin type and response to treatment. Mild, shallow scars often show the most improvement with facial treatments, while deep scars may require more extensive procedures. It’s important to note that while these treatments can yield noticeable improvements, they may not completely eliminate all types of acne scars. Expectations should be realistic, and patience is crucial as visible results may take time to manifest.

Facial Treatment for Acne Scars

A basic facial do not help with acne scars but combine with other treatment that will help to improve acne scars:

Chemical Peels:

Chemical peels involve applying a chemical solution to the skin, which exfoliates the outer layer, promoting the growth of new skin cells. They can help improve the appearance of shallow acne scars and hyperpigmentation.


Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, involves using tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin. This process stimulates collagen production and can improve the appearance of certain types of acne scars.

Laser Therapy:

Laser treatments utilize focused light to target specific areas of the skin. Fractional laser therapy, in particular, can stimulate collagen production and resurface the skin, reducing the appearance of acne scars over time.

TCA cross:

TCA cross (Trichloroacetic Acid cross) is a specialized and effective treatment for certain types of acne scars, particularly icepick and boxcar scars. It involves the targeted application of trichloroacetic acid, a chemical exfoliant, to the base of each individual scar. This procedure stimulates collagen production, encouraging the skin to heal and fill in the depressed areas caused by the scars.

For the best outcomes, a combination approach might be necessary, tailored to the individual’s unique skin needs. A dermatologist or licensed skincare professional can assess the scars and recommend the most suitable treatment plan.


Facial treatment that combines with other acne scar treatments can indeed help improve the appearance of acne scars, offering hope to those struggling with the aftermath of acne breakouts. However, the efficacy of these treatments depends on various factors, and not all scars may completely disappear. Consulting with a doctor is crucial to determine the most suitable treatment plan and to manage expectations. If you would like to learn more about facial treatment for acne scars, our doctors at A Klinik Signature Penang can help you with any of your concerns. A Klinik Signature is an Aesthetic clinic in Penang. We offer a different range of medical aesthetic services in our clinic. For those patients who have heightened aesthetic expectations or requirements or who may have had previous treatments, we stand ready to discuss more customization options to meet your needs.

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