PRP Face Treatment | Benefits, Cost | A Klinik

PRP Treatment For Face | Benefits, Side Effects, Pain, Cost | A Klinik

PRP Treatment For Face | Benefits, Side Effects, Pain, Cost | A Klinik

Many changes occur in our bodies as we age. Our skin undergoes various visible changes. Do you want to get rid of wrinkles and facial lines without surgery? The plasma-rich protein (PRP) face could be the answer. PRP treatment for face is an aesthetic treatment that stimulates collagen formation and, through micro-needling, enhances skin tone and texture. 

Because of their significance in wound healing, PRP treatment for face has become popular in cosmetic procedures. PRP treatment for face has a high platelet concentration. This enables the production and release of growth factors and active proteins, both of which promote healing. It is widely used in the rejuvenation of facial skin. Let’s get to know more about PRP treatment for face.

What is PRP Treatment for face?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a medical aesthetic treatment that provides the skin with a more youthful appearance with minimal downtime. The person performing this procedure takes a sample of your blood and separates the protein-rich plasma and platelets to create PRP, which is why the PRP treatment for face is also known as a vampire facial. Because PRP is produced from your own blood, there are virtually no chances of allergies or irritation. PRP is blood plasma with high concentrations of platelets that stimulate stem cells, allowing the body to renew and recover more quickly. PRP enhances overall skin texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and fills hollowing areas such as tear troughs, cheeks, and temples. PRP can also aid in the lightening of acne and surgical scars.

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What is a PRP Treatment for face like?

PRP treatment for face is a fast, low-risk treatment that may be completed within two hours. It is a non-hospitalization treatment that can be completed as an outpatient.

And here are the steps involved in PRP treatment for face:

Step 1: The collection of blood

For the PRP treatment, a syringe of blood will be collected from your arm. The treatment needs between 15 and 50 milliliters of your blood. A collection needle is put into an arm vein and the blood is collected in a tiny container.

Step 2: Centrifuge (for PRP enrichment)

After that, the blood is spun in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP from other blood constituents. A centrifuge is a device that rotates at high speed. The platelets are isolated by such a machine, resulting in a concentration of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). During this process, platelets are stimulated to produce growth factors, stimulating their usual function properties for tissue healing.

Step 3: Injection of PRP into the face 

About 1-2 teaspoons of liquid will be in the platelet-rich plasma syringe at the end of the treatment. Based on the type of condition being treated, the PRP will be directed to the appropriate spot on your face.

Step 4: micro-needling (optional)

Usually following micro-needling, the PRP solution is then rubbed into the treatment area. The PRP can penetrate into the skin according to the targeted micropunctures that are made during the micro-needling treatment. PRP has usually been injected into the skin, but using it in combination with micro-needling is becoming increasingly common.

Benefits of PRP Treatment for face

People with wrinkles, UV damage, or scars may benefit from a PRP facial. Cell proliferation is stimulated by reinjecting PRP into the skin. This causes an increase in the production of elastin and collagen. The skin will appear tighter, fuller, and smoother after getting the PRP treatment for face.

Side effects of PRP Treatment for face?

The following minor side effects are extremely unusual to happen: widespread redness, swelling, inflammation, and soreness. These shouldn’t persist longer than a few hours, but they sometimes do. These side effects of treatment are typical. Antibiotics may be given in the event of a local infection. Some bruising may happen for persons with highly sensitive skin, especially in more delicate areas like the skin around the eyes. It does tend to be light, and with treatment, it goes away in 7 to 10 days. Scabs that form shouldn’t be plucked at or rubbed off because the skin is delicate throughout the healing process and doing so could result in scarring or pigmentation issues. Some people might develop light skin peeling. For the same reasons, this shouldn’t be picked at either. However, if you have any questions, get in touch with your qualified doctor right away. To achieve the best outcomes, many treatments are required. 

Post PRP treatment for face care

Your skin might feel tight, dry, swelling, and sensitive right after the PRP treatment for face. It might also seem and feel burnt. In most cases, the redness disappears after 24 hours. Within 2–7 days, swelling and other sensitivity will go away. After the treatment, taking care of your skin is not too difficult.

For 3 days after getting the PRP treatment for face:

  • Avoid applying makeup and sunscreen for 12 hours.
  • Aside from light cleaning, avoid touching the injection site.
  • Avoid any strenuous exercise
  • Avoid exposing yourself to the sun for long periods of time
  • Avoid exposing yourself to extreme heat or cold, or large fluctuations in temperature
  • Only use the special, gentle cleanser and skin care products

After that, you can return to your regular skincare routine three days following the treatment, but avoid alcohol-based toners for two weeks and heavy sun exposure for ten days. 

Most women can start wearing makeup after the first 12-72 hours. But in the meantime, use gentle skincare and make-up products to avoid skin irritation.

How much will PRP Treatment for face cost?

The cost of treatment can vary based on the area, available resources, and the doctor providing it. It depends on the type of PRP treatment you needed. People could also need to receive treatments again. The price depends largely on how many treatments you need and the severity of the condition.

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